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Andrews' Hawaiian Dictionary is the only work of its kind in the Hawaiian language; it registers more than 15, words. A revision or review of this work is accomplished. Each word has been rewritten twice, first in its entirety and again in its syllabic parts.

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Most scriptural references have been omitted in this review since alterations made in the text of later editions of the Hawaiian Bible make these references unserviceable. A list of words taken from foreign languages, and the English-Hawaiian vocabulary found in Andrews' Dictionary are also omitted. Hawaiianized words derived from foreign speech have their place in the main body of the work.

All words and definitions registered in Andrews' vocabulary are embodied in this new dictionary excepting such words and definitions as conflict with accuracy. An interleaved volume of Andrew's work with notes and criticisms by the late Rev. Lorenzo Lyons has been used to advantage. A few old letters written by Hawaiians have been accessible and have added to the list of words. Ancient Hawaiians knew their mother tongue well. An old native tells a story about Kamehameha which was told him by his father and that story-telling reveals the use of a word heretofore inexplicable even to a modern native scholar.

A mass of unclassified material has been used: manuscript from the Catholic Mission in Honolulu dating as far back as the days of Bishop Maigret; manuscript from the Hawaiian Board of Missions, courtesy of the Rev. Westervelt; a "Lexicon of the Hawaiian Tongue taken from the Apograph of Hiram Bingham," dated July 4, ; and a brief list of Hawaiian words with their definitions in the handwriting of the late Rev. A valuable contribution to this work is made by Mr.

Wilson of Honolulu in words listed by himself. Additions have been made from Dr. William T. Brigham's Ka Hana Kapa; Dr. From Mrs. Irene Ii Holloway has come literature on the indigenous plants of Hawaii. Through the kindly office of Mr.

Emerson a copy of William's Maori Dictionary is at hand which reveals a remarkable similarity in the structure of many Hawaiian and Maori words. Sincere gratitude is due and here expressed to those who have exhibited a friendly concern in the work; to Dr. Brigham and Mr.


Thomas G. Thrum of the Bishop Museum staff for various helpful suggestions and criticisms; to Mr. Robert C. Lydecker, Librarian of the Public Archives, and his clerks for information in their possession; to. Wilson for his carefully prepared lists of unenrolled words; to Messrs. Edward K. Alapai and Daniel Damien, scholars of the old Lahainaluna class, for assistance rendered in a clearer translation of obscure words and phrases.

Perfection is not claimed for this work. Few are able to appreciate the amount of labor or the length of time required to complete a work of this sort. It was the intention of the author of this volume to make some extended remarks concerning the character, peculiarities and extent of the Hawaiian language, by way of preface or introduction; the want of physical strength, and especially of mental energy, has induced him to forego such an attempt and be contented with a mere history of the manner in which this dictionary has come into existence.

The history of Hawaiian lexicography is short. For the first effort the author will quote from, the preface of "A Vocabulary of Words in the Hawaiian Language" as follows:.

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Andrews prepare a Vocabulary of the Hawaiian Language. The materials at hand and from which the following work has been compiled were the following:. A vocabulary of words collected mostly, it is believed, by Mr.

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Loomis, formerly a member of this Mission. This was transcribed by the compiler on his voyage from the United States, and put to use in In using it, his object was to insert every new word which he saw in print or understood in conversation or could obtain in any other way, besides correcting such mistakes as had been made in transcribing from the copy of Mr. It was also a point with him to insert, if possible, the authority. Owing, however, to his ignorance of the language at the time, many mistakes were made both in the orthography of the words and in his definitions.

A vocabulary of words arranged, it is believed, in part by Mr. Ely, at the request of the Mission, and finished by Mr. A copy of this was received and transcribed by the compiler in the summer of Every other page was left blank for the insertion of new words, and for any such other corrections or additions as should be important. In using this manuscript, the same method was taken as with the vocabulary of Mr. New words and new definitions of words before collected, increased the size of the book to a considerable extent. In consideration, therefore, of the urgent desire that something should be commenced in the form of a vocabulary, and that a work having any pretensions to perfection must be slow in its prog-.

He has done so, without looking for any new words or extending the definitions of such as were collected, or consulting any native with regard to the propriety or impropriety of any definition. He feels it his duty, therefore, to forewarn those who may consult the following Vocabulary that they will often be disappointed. It is by no means a perfect vocabulary of the Hawaiian language.

Such is the history of the vocabulary.