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Lori Freeman, Maryland

I am not an individual who is easily brought to tears over difficult situations in my life. Especially when you know there is no cure for what you have. In the fall of , there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There was a study being conducted at Johns Hopkins that could possibly put my disease into remission. However, there were some drawbacks; the treatment was drastic, experimental, costly, and complications during the procedure itself could kill me. Again, I was lucky, as my doctors were able to present a compelling enough case to my insurance provider that they paid for the treatment.

I then underwent a treatment of extreme high dose Cytoxan chemotherapy, completely obliterating my bone marrow, and thus my immune system, in order to force my body to remanufacture them.

Unfortunately, in late , I began to experience a flare up of the disease. It manifested in the form of sore achy muscles. Wigley and I decided to try some anti-inflammatory drugs to start, but they had no affect. We tried another medication to no avail as well. At last when I was constantly itching so badly that I would dig sores into my arms, we decided to try the Cytoxan again — this time in a milder pill form. After just a few months, it seems to have worked and the disease appears to, once again, be in remission.

That old self is gone. A new woman has emerged. I may never be able to make a full fist or fully open my hands again. I may never be able squat down and pick things up from the floor like I once did.

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I am experiencing premature ovarian failure at the age of 29, as a side effect of the treatment, so conceiving a child will be difficult for me. However, in spite of all that, things are looking up for me. Having this disease has completely changed my life. Disease or no disease, I could be gone tomorrow. This disease or its drastic treatment could kill me or I could be hit by a bus. Either way, nobody is to know for sure what tomorrow will bring. I am ever so grateful to have reached that understanding at such an age. Everything that has happened happens for a reason, it gets you to where you are today.

Love with every ounce of your soul, if you give that kind of love, someone, somewhere will want give it back to you. Giving that kind of love and getting it in return are an unparalleled experience. Enjoy life and all it has to offer. Enjoy your friends and family even the annoying ones , sightsee, and look at nature.

Having this disease can be difficult. However, with the right doctors, the right medical team, and the right support, it IS manageable. Make sure that you have a doctor that you trust implicitly. I trust Dr. Wigley with my life. To me, that is one of the biggest keys to living with Scleroderma, having the right group of doctors, loved ones, and friends on your team, in your corner, coaching and cheering you along the way. No one knows my body better than I do… right? Oh how wrong I was!


Book One: The Feather | Raven Crest Trilogy

My first lesson learned was to leave medical diagnosis up to those who know. Once I start pedalling I will be pondering this question out in the cold today. I know the snowcapped mountains will be looking at me through the clouds. The Skeena River is going to give me a company for a km as it did to me for hundreds of kilometres last year. The road will open its palm as it has always for me so I could roll my tyres on it. There is something that tells me that the north is waiting for me. And so the journey begins with a belief that the earth will again take me in its lap like a mother does its weeping child, and all my worries will disappear from the road like a mirage!

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. A world that measured two feet wide and 2, miles long. A world called the Pacific Crest Trail. Cheryl's mother- who she was close with, comes down with cancer. She goes through losing her mom very fast. It seemed like one minute was the diagnosis and the next she was gone. She felt like a part of her soul was torn away.

The amount she loved us was beyond her reach. It could not be quantified or contained. It was the ten thousand named things in the Tao Te Ching's universe and then ten thousand A world that measured two feet wide and 2, miles long. It was the ten thousand named things in the Tao Te Ching's universe and then ten thousand more. Her love was full-throated and all-encompassing and unadorned. Cheryl was married at the time but she lost herself and started cheating on her husband.

She started using drugs. She lost who she thought she was.

My Minecraft Journey Begins Now - Part 1

She decides to hike the Pacific Trail with the thoughts that maybe she would get back that girl she used to be. I have seen several review that slam her for taking off on a trail with an over-packed backpack and little knowledge of what she was doing. I'm not slamming her for that.

She grew up in house that didn't have electricity or running water so she thought she was pretty tough.

Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail. Which I did love, but he was pretty unprepared also. His book focused more on experiences of the actual hike though and not about just looking at cute guys on the trail and thinking about how horny she was. Hey, I'm not knocking it-there just should have been more to read about I have to wonder if some of the hate for this story is because she was a woman setting off into the woods by herself.

There were parts of the book that I just didn't care for either though. She repeats herself a ton. Over and over you hear how tired she is. How her feet hurt. How some of her toenails have come off. Just little mundane tid-bits that she feels needs repeated over and over. Then it seems like she is trying to hard to be deep. Little "quotables" of her theory of life felt thrown throughout the book and at first I liked them but then it became too much. I felt like she was going for being an all knowing guru and it just ended up irritating the crap out of me. Then the drug use.

I think she was VERY stupid about the drug use. She keeps writing about how she was fine using heroin and that she would have stopped.


I don't think she would have if her ex-husband hadn't gotten involved. I mean damn, she shot up in her frigging foot right before heading off into the woods. She ate her mom's ashes. Because she wanted her to be a part of her forever. I get that she wants part of her mom, I do. That just kinda freaked me out.

But it was supposed to be deep and deep is not my thing. I don't see how she made it so far with that heavy of a pack or the boots that were that much smaller than she needed either.