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A perfect example of this is the autoship option offered by Petsmart. To make this option attractive, PetSmart also offers an additional incentive in the form of savings. Even though the overall order value is reduced upon the customer choosing this order bump, the company still benefits in the form of customer retention.

They get to lock in the customer and more than makeup for the discount by sending them products on a regular basis. Presenting your customer with a special offer based on their purchase is also a great way to make order bumps work for you. When you order a digital product from the store on his site, you are presented with an order bump in the form of a special offer.

When you order a supplement from his store, you are presented with an order bump in the form of a complementary supplement. The copy makes the deal irresistible by suggesting to the buyer that the products mix together perfectly enhancing the taste and offering additional health benefits. As you can notice, the buyer is also presented with another attractive order bump as an option to sign up for a monthly subscription for auto-delivery.

Do you have a membership plan on your site? If so, order bumps can be a great way to get your customers to sign up for it. Definitely sounds like an amazing deal. Another fantastic way to use order bumps to increase your order value is to use them to sell more quantities of the same order. You can see a brilliant example of this on the Walgreens shopping cart page. As you can see, you just need to click on the plus sign to add an additional quantity of the same product which makes it super easy.

A great example of this has to be the Bestbuy shopping cart. With every order, they show you three related offers that are hard to resist. When someone buys a camera, they are presented with a protection plan for 1 year and related accessories like a memory card and tripod as order bumps.

Most customers will be interested in all three offers as they are directly related to the product. So choose this route only if you believe your customer will find value in your offer and restrict your bumps to a max of 3. A single order bump is still the best way to go as it reduces the likelihood of analysis paralysis on the part of your customer.

If you are selling a digital product, you can offer installation, added features or extended licenses as an order bump. This can even work with physical products.

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XenForo which is a forum software , does this to perfection. They offer value added features like enhanced search, resource manager and media gallery at an additional price. Anybody who runs an online forum would be interested in pretty much all of these features. In addition, they also offer an installation service for anyone who is not tech savvy and a branding removal as part of their extended license plan. You get a higher discount based on the number of years you purchase.

Considering that data is so valuable and how difficult and expensive it is to recover corrupt data, this is an option that many buyers would be interested in taking up. Product bundling can work great as an order bump. No wonder companies like Amazon have been doing it for ages. Whenever you buy a course at Udemy, you are presented with a single related course as an order bump at a discounted rate making it an irresistible offer. Also, as you would have noticed from the image above, the product that they recommend is a bestselling book that has very good reviews from a large number of buyers.

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Presenting social proof such as this more than doubles the likelihood of the customer taking up your offer. This is because from a psychological perspective, people generally tend to do what they observe other people doing. We find safety in numbers. For example, you are less likely to eat at a restaurant that is always empty and more likely to eat at a place that attracts a decent crowd. People love customized products and hence a customization service can work great as an order bump. Whenever you buy a ring at StoicRings. Anyone who is buying the ring for gifting purposes will most likely want to take up both these offers.

If you run an eCommerce store and you have never tried using order bumps then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to increase your revenue and profit margins. The good news is that there are many pre-built tools that you can use to easily add order bumps to your store.

With CartFlows you can create simple as well as complex sales funnels in a matter of seconds. And you can do all these using pre-designed templates that can be easily edited using your favorite page builder like Elementor or BeverBuilder. The best part is that CartFlows gives you access to built-in analytics so you can easily know what is working and what is not and make changes based on that to perfect your funnel. As you can see from the following image, you can create an order bump with CartFlows from within your WordPress dashboard with just a single click.

And in a matter of seconds you can have the order bump appear on your checkout pages. Take CartFlows for a test run by downloading the free version at WordPress. Get exclusive access to new tips, articles, guides, updates, and more.

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Grow My Business. Want to know how? What Is an E-commerce Order Bump?

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