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The buddy room. Many teachers use the "buddy room" concept. Two teachers agree to be buddy room partners. This works best if the buddying teachers are in adjacent rooms. If a student is being disruptive, the teacher takes the student to the buddy room.

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There a special seat is assigned for such circumstances. Nothing needs to be said; the student heads directly to that seat. Some teachers leave the student there until he or she is ready to return to class; at that point, the student raises a hand and the buddy teacher takes the student back to class at the first opportunity.

Other teachers leave a stack of "think sheets" in the desk in the buddy room; the offending student completes a think sheet—which has places for the student to describe what he or she was doing wrong, the effects the behavior had on the class, and what he or she will do to correct the behavior. Behavior book.

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On the first day of school, many teachers provide questionnaires for students to complete. The questionnaires collect important information—such as phone numbers, addresses, and the like—as well information about hobbies and other interests. Some teachers collect those sheets and keep them in a binder. Teachers who have multiple classes use simple notebook dividers to separate one class from another.

When a student disrupts the class, breaks a class rule, or does something positive, the teacher reaches for the binder and jots a note on the back of that student's questionnaire. Those notes serve as a record for grading or planning parent conferences. One teacher buys three-holed plastic sleeves and inserts each student's questionnaire into a sleeve.

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She keeps a pile of scrap paper on her desk. Whenever a student does anything negative or positive, she scribbles a dated note on a piece of the scrap paper. At the end of the class period, she drops those notes into the students' plastic sleeves. Those notes serve as a record of the student's year.

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If you could give any gift to the people of the world, what would that gift be? Draw a picture of your gift and write a sentence to explain what your gift is and why you chose it. Hang a world map in the center of a bulletin board. Invite each student to write on a card the expression "Merry Christmas" in a different language. Or try this alternate source. Attach yarn to each card. Invite students to post the cards around the map on the bulletin and to extend each strand of yarn from a "Merry Christmas" card to the appropriate country.

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  8. Gift ideas. Sometimes students don't have the money to buy a small gift for another family member. Giving of themselves is a great gift idea. Students might: Create a simple "coupon" or "gift certificate" form that children can fill in and give as a gift. Students might want to brainstorm gift ideas ie.

    Create a "job jar" by decorating a large jar and putting inside it small folded slips of paper with odd jobs written on each. A few blank slips might be included so parents can write on them a preferred "job" for the student to do. Use one of the recipes from Christmas Recipes. Ask students to make a list of the ingredients they'll need to buy to make double the quantity called for in the recipe. If you teach older students, challenge them to list the ingredients required to make 10 dozen snowball cookies, enough spiced cider to serve 30 people, or large quantities of other recipes.

    These Web sites offer many recipes, so you could pair off students and give each pair a different recipe to double. If you can, prepare one of the recipes. Teachers who attempt to micromanage pencil sharpening usually designate a time-span for the deed like: only in the morning, on odd number hours, before snack, etc I've tried it and it's crazy hard to manage because, like the English language, there's always an exception. Kids fancy sharp pencils and love to grind wood and graphite to satisfy that hunger. You can't stop it. You need to become one with the pencil sharpening epidemic and be firm, fair, and consistent with the rules.

    Here are a few tips that ease not stop the sharpening craze in my classroom. Teacher: Students, I have a very exciting announcement that pertains to the sharpening of pencils. You are permitted to sharpen your pencils all day LONG!

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    Teacher : BUT Not dull or chipped or looks weird. It's got to be trashed in order for you to visit the sharpener. And B getting up when someone is teaching, speaking, or reading out loud. Teacher : Not that I can top that announcement, but giggle I have another one. You can use personal sharpeners and pens! Yes, I said pens!!! I'm not sure who said it, but it's a good motto to keep in your back pocket when the questions arise. Oh, and they will my friend.

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    So, let's help out the student teachers who are struggling with "soft skills" of education by sharing what we do in the classroom. What are your ideas? Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week. The Questions "My head hurts, may I go to the nurse? To Nurse, or Not to Nurse Making a decision to send a student to the nurse is tougher than it looks.

    If you don't oblige, they will pick and jab at that thing until it's gushing. Just give em' a Band-Aid and swallow your pride.