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Reading is a huge predictor of future success, so DIL implements innovative programs that increase reading comprehension. Funds from the Bertini Award will go towards one of these programs, Read to Grow to Know, which provides school libraries with tablets stocked with e-books of varying reading levels.

Additionally, overall school enrollment increased while absenteeism decreased.

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However, its founders quickly realized that a more sustainable solution was necessary to empower girls to achieve their dreams. Some have been forced out of school by poverty or limited professionally by gender roles, and many lack access to teachers with basic qualifications. The curriculum at NFS is specially designed to fill the education and skills gap created by years of captivity. In addition to academic training, the program includes health, psychosocial and life skills components to help the women cope with the emotional trauma of their experience. We want them to have the education, self-esteem, and skill set to be able to move forward and reach for what they want in life.

Share this story. October 15, Developments in Literacy Developments in Literacy DIL has spent the last 20 years working to expand access to quality education in Pakistan. Location: Haiti, Nigeria, Pakistan. Special Interests: Education, Sustainable Development. Accenture believes in improving the way the world works and lives and is having an impact, which is great to see. Having a great idea for a business is one thing. But finding the knowledge, resources and support to turn that idea into a reality is a much bigger challenge.

We believe in the rejuvenating effect that thriving businesses can have on our society and communities.

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And our people have the expertise to help ensure that small business owners have the skills they need to be successful. To show our commitment to the program, the Accenture Australia foundation is providing multi-year funding to set up and run a mentoring program. Our people have been working as mentors for the scheme, sharing their considerable business experience and expertise with participants.

With the assistance and knowledge of our mentors, small business owners across Australia will continue to realise their dreams of owning their own, self-reliant businesses. There are more than a million disadvantaged students across Australia. To help address this issue, our team of strategists partnered with the Australian Business and Community Network ABCN to think digital—finding ways to deliver mentoring to more students across Australia, arresting the continuous cycle of disadvantage.

We made it our mission to give ABCN a chance to dream — to dream of a future where they could impact the lives of every disadvantaged student in Australia, and delight students with leading-edge technology. And we put our words into action. We were amazed at the incredible digital ideas students came up with in this design thinking workshop. By collaborating with ABCN, we worked with our counterparts in law firms, consultancies, banks and industry to ensure we build the biggest impact for ABCN—building new relationships and partnerships along the way.

We brought together the best of Accenture across the world to help expand our thinking. We committed to continuing the transformation journey with ABCN, laying down a clear path forward with new digital-first concepts. Best of all, we could see the impact our project was making. Together with ABCN, we hope to help all disadvantaged students across Australia exceed their potential.

Working with professional chefs, our team got involved cooking healthy meals for vulnerable people in and around Sydney.

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Volunteers from Accenture have taken up a variety of volunteer roles. For example, some of our people have volunteered as OzHarvest van assistants, getting hands-on in the field by helping with the daily run of food pick-ups from donors and deliveries to recipient charities, seeing first-hand the impact of food rescue operations. It also reminded me that we all have to give back. They envisage a world without poverty, where people have access to resources and opportunities to improve their own lives.

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They are working towards this vision through responsible microfinance and skills development, where they enable people living in poverty to grow their incomes and change their lives sustainably. Our team offered their insight into the possibilities for offering social investment options through the Good Return peer-to-peer funding website, as well as other digital channels. The workshops allowed our people to exchange vital information and innovative ideas with the team from Good Return and to use their skills to assist people out of poverty.

The ideas that the teams came up with were excellent and we look forward to exploring them further as we progress our work in the Pacific. Providing them access to resources and opportunities to improve their lives—for good.

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We look forward to continuing to work with Accenture now and into the future. Everyone deserves the best possible start in life and at the heart of our core values is a commitment to stewardship.

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  7. Poverty is still a major problem in Australia, affecting one in seven children. As part of our commitment to make the world a better place for future generations, we collaborated with The Smith Family to help disadvantaged young people break out of the cycle of poverty. We did this by sharing our practical knowledge and expertise with The Smith Family students through a series of Interview Skills training workshops. The workshops took place in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for 34 university students who through a scholarship from The Smith Family, are getting the educational support they need to successfully complete their tertiary studies, and pursue their career goals.

    After the workshop, students said they had new confidence and skills to impress their prospective employers.

    PLTW Engineering (9-12)

    They were a very engaged and receptive group of young people. I feel more secure for our future now. We know the enormous role that technology can play in improving the world. The technology revolution is transforming our world and is occurring at an unprecedented speed. For non-profits like Many Rivers—an organisation that supports aspiring business owners with micro-enterprise development support and access to finance—keeping up to date with new technologies might be the key to continuing and enhancing the positive impact they have on Australian society.

    As part of the solutions created by the team, Many Rivers will obtain control over their own cloud-based systems. This will allow them to adjust systems to best suit the changing demands of their business.

    With the new interface, Many Rivers will be able to spend more time interacting with clients and businesses, ensuring they continue their inspiring work of helping people and communities across Australia. Sometimes, first impressions do really count. For women seeking to break into the world of work, looking and acting the part can be a real confidence booster along with having the skills to succeed. Our partnership with Dress for Success is helping to ensure that women in Australia have the skills and resources to thrive in work and in life. Dress for Success aims to help women break from the cycle of poverty and achieve economic independence.

    The partnership has strengthened since, with the Career Support Program now established at Dress for Success affiliates across Australia. Our people have volunteered their time and skills to support the goals of Dress for Success, delivering skill-building workshops, assisting at fundraising events and even donating work appropriate clothing.

    Together, Dress for Success and Accenture are helping women in need can take control of their lives. But when I first walked into the showroom it made it real. These are people wanting to make genuine changes in their lives and we are playing a part in enabling this by donating clothes, accessories for the showroom, as well as providing training to help their clients develop key skills. We have all been guilty of wasting food. But what if there was a way of making sure your non-perishable food waste could be put to good use? Now there is. The premise is simple. People often throw away food that is still usable, so why not give this food to those who need it?

    The OzHarvest Market is a rescued food supermarket, stocked with produce that has either been donated or would otherwise go to waste. Its purpose is to make rescued food available to everyone, especially those who need it most, free of charge and on a "take what you need, give if you can" philosophy.

    Educating Girls, Ending Child Marriage

    The team began the day by clearing out an old, run-down restaurant in the Kensington suburb of Sydney, re-using materials to make shelves and storage and stocking them with rescued food. They also wrote guides for customers and staff on how the supermarket works, to ensure every visitor will understand its mission. In turn, the OzHarvest team taught the volunteers from Accenture a great deal about their aim to address food security and education.