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The article should note the ambiguous nature of the ending and state that the film leaves it to the viewer to figure it out.

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If a registered user doesn't make those changes, I might just edit the page myself. Probably disrupting some compromise here but I think it has to be said Currently the article states:. Clementine tells Joel that their relationship is bound to fail, based on what they now know about it.

However, Joel just shrugs and says "Okay" indicating that he doesn't care about what may happen in the future. We don't actually know what the "okay" means, so There are three main scenarios as I see it. Not all the scenarios envisage him not caring about what may happen in the future so In any case it's not for a Wikipedia article to imagine what a character in a film might possibly be thinking What's the deal with this "FAQ"? Is that encyclopedic?

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It could certainly be edited to make it so. So--shall it be done?

I'd be happy to start in on it Well--in the cases where the particular interpretation is widely accepted by critics and the like, I think it's appropriate. I'll look into it. Are all of those FAQ questions and answers your own work? Is your question directed to me? If so, the answer is no--I would have posted it under my own name.

If your question is directed to the anon poster, I can't speak for him, but I believe it was his own work. He posted it without registering but didn't integrate it, so rather than have it deleted, I thought I'd help with the process. I think the plot needs the part about how Mary finds out about the affair and the subsequent memory erasure right before Joel wakes up on Valentine's Day. Because this event served as a catalyst for how Joel and Clementine find out that each of their memories has been altered Mary breaks into harold's office and sends all the former patients their info.

I would do it but my memory is sketchy about the details. The discussion about the original intention for the credits being to show the cyclic nature of their relationship, I suppose it could possibly be that when we see Joel throw out the cassette, it wasn't in the first iteration of their relationship.

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However, I'll confess that this didn't occur to me until after reading this article and it's more likely just a solution looking for a problem I think it's overly specualtive to think they didn't get back together, or to think anything else in a movie like this, I do think that the page should say that they COULD have gotten back together, but to simply deny it completely is just stupid. This article states that the second time chronologically that Joel meets Clementine, he says he doesn't know the song "Clementine" or anything about Huckleberry Hound.

It explains the fact that he knew about both the first time he met Clementine by saying that knowledge was too closely tied in with the relationship and so was deleted from his mind. I think it is much more likely that Joel decides not to say he knows the "Clementine" or Huckleberry Hound.

Why he might decide to do this, however, is very much unclear.

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Arthy: I think in chronologically first time, we have no way of knowing whether he knew the song or not - because what we are seeing is Joel's casting of his mind - it could be well that he learnt it from the present and tried to be smarter in his memory.. That is all. Both Joel and Clem go back to Montauk the very next day and I found that peculiar while watching it. However, they did account for it if you think about the chronology. Clem whispers in Joel's ear, in the final memory to be erased "maybe in Montauk", which could be construed as a subliminal message still left behind about something wonderful happening there.

Similarly, Clem is reliving some of her experiences with Patrick, who's using Joel's and Clem's memories.

This may have served to reawaken in her some memories of Montauk as well, and cause her to go there. Do you think this bears mentioning in the article? Otherwise, forget it.

Did Clem say in the final memory to be erased "maybe in Montauk" or did she say "meet me in Montauk"? Rhallanger , 21 November UTC. I don't know where in the article to put this, but the word 'lacuna' is italian for 'empty' or 'gap', and I think the significance of that word choice is worth noting. It might also be worth stating a reference to the band Lacuna Coil , the title of which translates to 'empty spiral'. Joel never connect Clementine's name with Huckleberry Hound unless she prompts him to.

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  6. That is to say, when they're on the train, he doesn't make the connection until she tells him "don't make fun of my name. The reason why he sings it during the memory of the party at Montauk is because this is one of the memories that he takes an active role in while it is being erased. Remember how Clementine says "This is it However, when he's on the train, he doesn't make the connection, because, obviously, he doesn't know her.

    Not sure where to include it in the article, but the original script called for a follow-up scene showing an elderly Clementine going in for a memory erasure. The implication being that the two had gone through this dozens of times over their lifetimes. This article seems fairly complete, but for some reason I confused it with another one, so had thought of a sentence and wonder if it is worth fitting in.

    I added it because although it relates to a movie and music, this article currently has 37K and the main article and its soundtrack section need splitting issues. I Know the poster was a canidate for speedy deletion, so I speedily uploaded another one and cited my sources, if anyone fixes the other one, feel free to put it back in the article KaufmanIsAwesome , 4 October UTC. Not NPOV, and certainly not correct tone for an encyclopedia. While a large proportion of the article is fine, much of it is rife with WP:OR unsourced analysis.

    There are a lot of sentences that start with 'this might mean', 'is appears that' and the like. None of this is within the scope of a wikipedia article on a movie. ALL analysis must be sourced to a 3rd party. I'm going to start chopped large chunks of text that are, in my opinion, impossible to successfully edit to conform to WP standards. Ashmoo , 4 December UTC. I added a clean up tag, because the article is unfocused and disorganised.

    It needs asserted work on tone, sourcing, order, detail more in some areas, less in others and less opinion statements. I am willing to help, but it probably needs a few heads together. Jdcooper , 30 July UTC. I chopped this section, because, although it is interesting and has cites, there is no cite linking the research to the movie, making it OR. I have also chopped the following section, as it seem to just be a reiteration of details that have previously been mentioned twice in the plot section. The fictional Lacuna Inc.

    Howard Mierzwiak who after years of neurobiological research developed a painless method for identifying and erasing specific memories. Lacuna Inc was founded to provide a research facility for the development of this procedure. Over the years, the project has progressed from a mere idea into a full-blown medical service. After a patient decides what memory it is going to have erased, there is some initial preparation that goes into a successful procedure. The patient is instructed to collect any items or mementos that have any ties to the memory or memories being targeted.

    These items will be used by the Lacuna team during and disposed of following the procedure. This is to ensure that the patient will not have any inexplicable items after the memory erasure.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & The Greatest Weight

    While connected to a brain scanning device, the patient is instructed to look at the items, and while reexperiencing the unwanted memories technicians scan brain activity, allowing them to chart and record where the memories are located. The team of Lacuna technicians will use the information they have received from the patient to construct a map of the memory. They will then use this map to extract the memory from the patient's mind. Following the map created specifically for every patient, that patient takes a sedative.