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Independent organisations like the EC and Constitutional Court have a really difficult job. They said they could not protect me and advised me to leave the building.

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After I left, I had to head out of town. Sodsri also said when massive political rallies were held, the atmosphere was always very tense at the EC.

After completing her term at the EC, Sodsri has big plans for herself. The long, arduous journey towards democracy. Photo Gallery.

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The original scene from the movie has Han shoot Greedo under the bar table before the dim-witted bounty hunter can even pull the trigger, adding a rogue-ish quality to the smuggler's characterization. This is clearly a guy who operates above the law and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

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Lucas, seemingly deciding this was too dark for the character, changed the scene for the theatrical re-release of A New Hope so that Greedo shot and missed Han's head before the smuggler pulled his own trigger under the table. Unsurprisingly, some fans weren't too happy with the change, especially since Lucas later changed it even further, adding an effect that makes it look like Han moved his head to dodge the blaster bolt before firing.

In the new cut of the movie just released on Disney's on-demand streaming service, neither Han nor Greedo shoot first.

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Instead, the new version of the scenes has both characters pulling the trigger at about the same time, with a smoke effect replacing the close-up of Han dodging the blaster fire. But before Greedo meets his end, he delivers one final line which was added by Lucas before Disney took over Lucasfilm, according to Vanity Fair.

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That line is "Maclunkey. What does "Maclunkey" mean?

No one has any idea. Lucas giving Greedo one final indiscernable word does make it seem like the bounty hunter was insulting Han before the smuggler killed him, further enticing the our favorite scoundrel to shoot down his rival, who clearly learned how to aim from the Imperial academy. Why did Lucas feel that he had to alter the scene further and what does "Maclunkey" even mean?