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I met my wife my future wife at that time thirty four years ago. I've been in love since then. Actually a better way to say that would be "I've been in love ever since.

I came to this meeting place at noon. I've been waiting since that time. I met my wife in Until then I was a half-mischievous bachelor. By then I was ready to settle down. In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

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I'll give a few of examples of usage and then try to give an explanation: Until then I'm going to buy a car next week. Until then I'll have to walk to work. I ate my first olive when I was Up until then I was too scared to try one. By then I'm going to buy a car next week. By then I'll be tired from having had to walk to work every day.

By then I felt I was old enough to try one. Explanation "Until then" gives a sense of duration over time; i. In the examples above: I am going to walk to work from now until I buy a car. From being born up to the age of 16, I was too scared to try an olive.

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In the examples above: At the point in time I buy my car I will be tired. At the time I became 16, I was ready to try an olive. Thank you all so much. Would anyone please give me some accurate explanations about the following? In addition, would you analysis this part of the following? I'll be tired from having had to walk I'm going to buy a car next week. I have never seen such e structure Nima, This is exactly the same question that you originally posted. The explanations by both posters address your original questions.

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If you want a different answer you must ask a different question. By asking the same question it could be inferred that: 1. If 3 is the case, what part of the answers is not clear? EDIT : Nima posted another question in between.

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I made a mistak. I am so sorry. I need more explanations about the differences between since then and since that time. Hi nima.

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Hebb states:. This means as one neuron excites another, the connection is strengthened, and that it is a fundamental process for learning and memory. Put in the simplest of terms, practice makes perfect. Somewhere around , Arthur Samuel of IBM, wrote the first program for playing checkers, which included a learning program. His work provided a boost to the public image of Machine Learning.

In , theories and discoveries were brought together by Frank Rosenblatt, who developed the perceptron algorithm. His work was funded by the U. Office of Naval Research.

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Originally, the perceptron was meant to be a machine designed to imitate the memory and thinking processes of a human brain. Unfortunately, in , Mr. Rosenblatt made some unrealistic statements about the perceptron at a press conference organized by the U. The perceptron did seem promising, initially.

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Machine Learning regained popularity again in the early s, due to the merging of Computer Science and Statistics. This combination resulted in a new ways of thinking about Machine Learning and AI. In Vermont, the Chamber of Commerce held a conference discussing the benefits and ethics of Big Data. Higgins said:.

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All the sciences are on the verge of major changes. For example, by the new radio telescopes will be taking in an excess of 1 Exabyte each day. In biology , there will soon be about 1 Exabyte of genetic data 10 to the power of 18 bytes available worldwide.

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  5. Handling this deluge of this data requires a new scientific discipline. Big Data is being used to develop new ways of storing gigantic amounts of data, and then quickly complex patterns.

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    Two very popular Machine Learning techniques are unsupervised learning and supervised learning. Roughly 70 percent of Machine Learning is supervised learning. Unsupervised learning makes up roughly 10 to 20 percent. Reinforcement learning and semi-supervised learning are two other types of technologies sometimes used. Supervised learning algorithms use labeled examples in the training process. Supervised learning is often used in applications with historical data, to predict probable future events. Unsupervised learning deals with transactional data. It can, for example, identify groups of customers with similar buying patterns.

    These people can then be sent the same type of advertising.