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He also won a gold medal in Slopestyle, finally winning gold after 2 straight years of bronze. Out of the gate in his first qualifying run, he qualified immediately with the day's best score of With a thumb sprained on an over-rotated backside in the second qualifying run, he clinched the event with the first of his two runs in the finals. His first finals run was awarded the highest score ever in FIS halfpipe, a At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, White again won gold in the halfpipe. He performed his second run anyway, as a victory lap, ending his run with a well-anticipated Double McTwist which he named The Tomahawk.

His nearest competitor won the silver with a points total of After a sub-par performance in the Slopestyle, failing to reach the finals, White "redeemed" himself in the SuperPipe.

With an 89, he sat in second place going into his 2nd of three runs. He completed the run, landing his infamous Double McTwist and finishing with a score of The score tied an X Games record which was set by White one year before. His 3rd run was a simple victory run featuring mostly straight air.

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White won his 6th consecutive SuperPipe victory, making him the second participant ever to achieve this, with SnoCross racer Tucker Hibbert achieving his 6th consecutive victory earlier in the same day. White finished fourth at the Winter Olympics in the Halfpipe event. During the winter games, he was the most talked-about Olympic athlete on Facebook. While in New Zealand , training for the Winter Olympics , White crashed into the edge of a superpipe ; the resulting injuries to his face required 62 stitches. White was trailing Hirano by one full point coming into his last run with a score of Despite this, White dramatically won the gold medal with back-to-back s.

White has had a sponsor since he was seven years old. In a interview with Outside magazine, White stated that he had turned down numerous film roles in which "the first lines [for his character] are always "What up, brah? White plays guitar in the electronic rock band Bad Things , which also features former Augustana bassist Jared Palomar.

White has had the longstanding nickname "The Flying Tomato", due to his shock of red hair. In , Rolling Stone wrote about the nickname, saying, "he used to embrace it, even wearing headbands with a flying-tomato logo, but he has grown tired of it. In February , Red Bull built White a halfpipe completely out of natural snow in the back country of Colorado on the backside of Silverton Mountain , coordinates On September 17, , White was arrested near a hotel in Nashville for public intoxication and vandalism after attending the wedding party of the drummer of The Black Keys , Patrick Carney.

His girlfriend is Sarah Barthel of the band Phantogram. In , Bad Things drummer Lena Zawaideh brought a lawsuit against White, claiming sexual harassment and breach of contract. In replying, he referred to the incident as gossip , a response that created widespread condemnation of White for minimizing sexual harassment.

White later apologized for his choice of words. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other similarly named persons, see Sean White disambiguation. Medal record. Retrieved June 13, Archived from the original PDF on June 12, Retrieved May 30, February 12, Retrieved February 17, Get in Touch. Coaching Staff. Board of Directors. National Team Resources Rankings, documents and more. We will have no control over event values — it will simply be based on who shows up to the event for the final point value of it.

Minor shifting will occur, this is from the differences in the rules and how the CRL values were administered to how the WSPL values are calculated. For any shifts that happen the new list will come into effect January 1, but we will be using the current CRL rank for event selections up until the end of the year December 31, The World Snowboarding Points Lists WSPLs are the result of a global collaborative effort to create one universal, transparent and fair ranking system for competitive snowboarding.

At any given point in time, the WSPLs aim to provide the most accurate and transparent representation of the top riders in the world and their corresponding results. The points system used for the WSPL calculation is based on a dynamic scale Points System with ten points levels ranging from to points. Regardless of the event category, any event can reach a points level of pts.

The determination of the points level of an event is based on the quality of field. The quality of field for a specific competition is determined by calculating a field quality value for each competition result. The value calculation process evaluates the top-ranked riders who competed in the competition as per the most current World Snowboarding Points List at the time the competition took place in the respective discipline:.

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  • For women, the FIVE 5 top-ranked riders will be evaluated 3. If none of the riders on the result is ranked on the current points list, the minimum points level is applied. Two different values are calculated automatically by the ranking engine during the result load:. As a general rule, the ranking points for a certain placement are higher in larger fields than in smaller fields. For Example: A rider who finished 10th at an event with ranked competitors will get more points for his placement, than a rider finishing 10th on a result with 25 ranked competitors.

    This way the winner of the Junior and winner of the Open don't get the same amount of points for winning. Each event can only have one ranking range therefore it is important to consider the format of each event. A single ranking range refers to all the riders judged against each other in a single range, at a single time. This must be communicated to the athletes prior to the event.

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    This box can go onto your main page on your site and with the appropriate links AB goes to AB site, QB goes to QB site then your riders, coaches, and parents can quickly check rankings as they are updated as well as link to the larger back end lists. Event details must be submitted to Canada Snowboard Eboregb pnanqnfabjobneq. Results need to be submitted to Canada Snowboard within one 1 week of the event finish to Eboregb pnanqnfabjobneq.

    If there is a reason why the results cannot be submitted within this timeframe, Canada Snowboard must be notified and may grant an extension. Results must be entered on separate worksheets for Men and Women. Please send any changes and corrections to eboregb pnanqnfabjobneq. The primary international competitive showcase for this event is the Winter X Games, which crowns a slopestyle champion annually, but slopestyle competitions debuted at the Winter Olympics in Most common surfaces include metal rails, boxes, benches, concrete ledges, walls, rocks, and logs.

    It typically occurs in a snowboard resort park, but it is also pursued in urban environments. The bulk of jibbing takes place outside judged events, but jibbing is part of slopestyle contests and of dedicated rail jam events. Because of their limited use and the need for the best possible maneuverability and flexibility, jib boards are usually the shortest and softest of all snowboards, used with soft boots and bindings. Big Air is an event where riders take turns hitting one massive trajectory jump, performing airborne spins and flips before landing back on the snow.

    Each athlete may hit the jump five to six times during the competition. Because they can be staged with scaffolding and do not require an outside venue , Big Air competitions can be held virtually anywhere that a drop-in, take-off ramp, and landing can be constructed and coated with a layer of snow or ice shavings, even indoors.

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    Rail jams are among the most grassroots of all snowboard competitions because of their minimal requirements. They can be staged almost anywhere at any time given a small space, a rail-type feature, and some snow or ice shavings from a hockey rink. Competitors take turns creatively riding a rail set-up or other urban-style features. There is no running order to the competitors: riders take their turns whenever they want and in whatever order they choose.

    There is typically a set time period for the jam, and athletes may take as many turns as they want during the allotted time. Judges watch the competitors and, rather than award scores, simply name winners in two categories at the conclusion of the event: best overall and best trick. And of course, there is a certain level of error and injury that comes with this sport. Hang gliding is an air sport where a pilot is suspended from the gliders by a harness and the pilot flies into the air from a hill carried by aircraft called a hang glider.

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    If no cliffs are available, it is also possible to be launched by being towed by a motorized winch on the land. The pilot can control the aircraft by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame. Helicopter skiing or heliskiing is a type of backcountry skiing involving a helicopter to access remote areas and mountainsides and untouched snow. What separates heliskiing from other types of freeriding and backcountry skiing is that performers are carried by helicopter to the top of these remote slopes.