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Cleo's counting book by Caroline Mockford Cleo the cat encourages readers to follow along as she counts the items around her home, and then again as she counts backwards from ten to one. Dinosaur countdown by Nicholas Oldland Features a variety of dinosaurs that invite readers to count down from ten to zero. Numbers and counting by Ruth Owen Book Annotation.

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Counting in the garden by Kim Parker A renowned textile designer presents a beautiful counting book where little readers must search the vibrant garden scenes for hidden creatures, including butterflies, ducklings, and turtles. Count the sheep to sleep by Philippa Rae A little girl who is having trouble falling asleep tries counting sheep but the ten wooly creatures have mishaps, one after another, until there are none left to count. Cool cats counting by Sherry Shahan Presents an introduction to counting in both English and Spanish.

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Dog loves counting by Louise Yates Loving books so much that he cannot stop reading long enough to go to sleep, Dog unsuccessfully tries counting sheep before venturing out to find other creatures to count, an effort that leads to an unexpected adventure and friendship. By the creator of Dog Loves Drawing.

Board Books. Counting by Emily Bolam Young readers can feel a variety of textures and learn to count along the way. On board pages. Counting in the garden by Emily Hruby When a boy is bored with his toys, his mother suggests he play outside in the garden where he discovers a wealth of interesting things to count, including herbs, insects, flowers and vegetables.

Counting kisses by Karen Katz A best-selling book, now available in an oversize lap edition with rounded corners that is perfect for reading aloud, introduces preschoolers to counting as all the loving phrases shared between a mother and her child are tallied as the day progresses.

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Counting 1 to 10 by Scholastic Inc. A series that continues to celebrate a toddler's world of firsts with board books that reflect two important areas: readiness concepts and body awareness. Each book features rhythmic, interactive text; bright, energetic full-color illustrations or photographs; and a note to parents at the end with suggested activities linked to the story and its theme.

My first by Sarah Davis Introduces numbers and counting using photographs of animals, flowers, toys, and other objects to represent each number. Doubleday, Christmas and Christmas stories are a little bit different in the mind and hands of master storyteller Terry Pratchett. This is a previously unpublished selection of seasonal stories from Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the popular Discworld series, and perfect for the Christmas Countdown for slightly older readers who can appreciate his humour and perspective. Stories are short, funny and liberally illustrated with pictures as wacky as the words.

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Tashi Storybook. Anna Fienberg. Barbara Fienberg. Kim Gamble. Tashi and his adventures have been the springboard for many a young reader over many years and this new selection will no doubt encourage many more. Curly Tales: Short Stories with a Twist.

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Bill Condon. Dave Atze. Big Sky Publishing, Each is based on a familiar proverb but that proverb is twisted to suit the story, and, depending on your opinion of puns, they are clever or dreadful. But each story is very funny and just the right length in a well-spaced font with plenty of illustrations. At the end there is a glossary of the original proverbs with their actual meaning that introduces them to the reader, enriching their experience with the stories themselves. Dog Stories.

Initially unsuccessful, she became an assistant art director at the J. Showing her portfolio to American editors, she met Susan Hirschman who was soon to found Greenwillow Books. The unmentioned fox and his calamitous attempts to catch Rosie turn a simple textual story into one that is subtler, more complex but above all, more fun.

Rosie arrives home in time for dinner while the fox is chased away by a swarm of bees.

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Although her honed down, stylised illustrations and brilliant graphic design are immediately recognisable, each of her books has a different feel to it. The humour found in her picture books now became broader in several beginning novels about Morgan, his family and his school class and Sam and his pet rat, Nibbles. These are seeing but not believing tales in modern dress, filled with the knockabout comedy of disguise, pursuit and improbable event as their titles suggest: Follow That Bus!

In all, Pat created more than 40 books for young readers, many of which are considered classics and remain in print - timeless and irresistible. This hilarious cumulative tale in rhyme about a capricious wind that whips away hats, scarves, and umbrellas and leaves a growing crowd of people pursuing their belongings in its wake was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal.

In , she was a commended runner up for One-Eyed Jack , in which a pirate receives his comeuppance when his ill gotten gains sink his ship. Titch was made into a popular television series.