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Select a valid country. Understanding Maya Religion in the New Millennium pp. The Festival System and Anthropological Theory pp.

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Reorganizing the Tradition pp. Adjusting the Performance pp. The Dynamics of Contemporary:. Search for:. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Ramirez, a physical education teacher and tuk tuk driver the prolific three-wheeled taxis that zoom around the steep roads of surrounding Lago Atitlan , injured his leg the week before during a football match.

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In his nearly 20 years of bonesetting, Don Juan has treated everything from sprained ankles to dislocated shoulders and severe fractures. And for a spiritual problem with see a guia spiritual [spiritual guide or shaman]," Ramirez explains. Reaching into a small bag, Don Juan removes some cloth containing his "material" - a piece of a bone he found in while working in construction. Each bone setter has their own "material", which they use to practise their ancient craft.

It is not a career. But I thought she was joking," he says.

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For years, Don Juan resisted the calling, hiding the bone in his cupboard and ignoring the visions, dreams and even physical illnesses believed to be signs of it. Then, 19 years after he found the bone, a friend and Mayan priest visited his house. Without being told anything, the priest immediately went to the cupboard where Don Juan had put the bone.

He recalls how the priest told him to stop denying his calling and that he needed to carry the bone with him at all times. Then he began to teach him how to cure people. Using his material, Don Juan begins to deeply massage the leg, focusing on one point and moving outwards with steady, deliberate pressure.

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Gritting his teeth and clenching the sides of the chair, Ramirez yells out as Don Juan moves over the injured area with a series of methodical movements. The sessions last three to 10 minutes but are intense. But I have to work," Ramirez says, explaining his reasons for visiting Don Juan - a mix of practicality, tradition and faith.

I believe in Don Juan. And I trust him completely. At 57, Don Juan is a well respected bone setter around Lago Atitlan, the spiritual centre of the highlands and the region with the greatest concentration of indigenous healers. Many patients come from the rural hinterlands to seek treatment from the various types of traditional healers here whose legitimacy, according to Icu Peren, "is rooted in the trust placed in them by indigenous families".

The Mayan holistic healing tradition is a medico-religious one - viewing the ailments of the body and the spirit as fundamentally interconnected. The healing practice is also rooted in a deep sense of service to the Mayan people.

Indigenous Religion And Cultural Performance In The New Maya World

It reflects our culture and heritage," says Don Juan. He considers it a miracle that he was able to escape. Yet the marginalisation and discrimination of the Mayan people continues. Now in her 40s, Christine has been a practising curandera for more than 20 years.

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For a tiny fee, she treats everything from cancer to arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Human sacrifice was important, even vital, to the Aztecs. They embraced human sacrifice because their gods, all the gods, had sacrificed their blood and lives in creating the world and everything in it, including humans. To honor the sacrifice of the gods, man, too, had to sacrifice his blood and life. To this end, most Mesoamerican cultures featured human sacrifice, and most Aztecs went to the sacrifice willingly.

We will discuss this in greater detail in another article. Not every great ceremony or ritual required human sacrifice. In some Aztec rituals, priests and laymen would cut themselves and offer their blood to the gods. In others, small birds or other creatures were sacrificed. Nevertheless, many Aztec ceremonies required human victims. One representative ceremony happened in spring, Tlacaxipehualiztli, which honored the god of vegetation, Xipe Totec. This fertility ritual required the sacrifice of captured warriors.