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Hickory Cousins , Graze McWallop In this moderately psychedelic Western the hero, a cowboy named Bart Caoboi, attempts to track down the man with the rainbow spurs, a ghostly superhuman figure who stole his favorite hat. Comic episodes abound as our picaresque hero travels a dreamlike re-imagining of the American southwest, specifically a series of sun-bleached pedestrian malls in Santa Fe. Foreword by one of the Coen brothers our choice. Never before presented in English.

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Radu finds that countless stereotypically comic characters inhabit the hotel, from Benventuoni, the Italian hat straw factor, to Mme. Sensunique, the lusty French railway timetable graphic designer, to Miroslaw Miroslaw, the uhlan officer who fills his retirement with vivid tales of the Battle of Daugavpils. Flacon of Dread , Graziela de Fuentes de Onoro All is not well in the hidden mountain town of Zaragosita: monks, deserting their lonely abbey atop Mount Jesu Cristo Grande, have occupied the general store, deposed the mayor, and instituted a puzzling, interlocking series of edicts pertaining to facial hair.

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The telegraph operator has wandered eastward, or northward, talking insensibly of the sea; and young Mercedes and her lover Gaetano cannot convince Don Sancho to permit them to wed. Written with lyrical grace, this pastoral tale unites the human and natural landscapes, painting a picture of a town frozen in time, yet pulled irresistibly into the modern era, most famously in the scene in which Sancho Sencillo, the village idiot, chokes to death on a mimeograph machine.

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