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Or one of his speech writers? Is there evidence to support any of them?

Venice Art Biennale 2019: May You Live In Interesting Times – Giardini

A: The earliest published reference for the saying that we could find is from the April annual meeting of the American Society of International Law, though the citation dates the expression three years earlier. As for Sen.

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Robert F. Kennedy, he did indeed mention the saying—or, rather, a close version of it—but this was several decades after the citation mentioned above.

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Check out our books about the English language. Much research has been carried out into the origins of this phrase, and while it can be traced back to a speech given by Sir Austen Chamberlain in England in , it has been generally confirmed and accepted by many to not be of Chinese origin. Incidentally, at the time of writing this, there were roles open on the SUSE careers page — why not take a look and see if any are interesting to you? Your email address will not be published.

58. International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. May You Live in Interesting Times

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May You Live in Interesting Times

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