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Especially if you're doing serious milage because you're training for a big race like a marathon or you just have tons of energy to burn.

7 Training Tips For Your Fastest 10K

It can feel like you're sprinting on a hamster wheel of doom to nowhere — seemingly until you die. However, Honerkamp has tips for keeping your spirits high and sanity intact on the dreadmill, even for plus mile runs. Be prepared. Have your water bottle filled up, your tennis shoes laced tightly, and your bladder empty when you start the run.

5 Best Recovery Tools

Once you take a break, it can be hard to get back on. This can psych you out mentally, especially during the early miles.

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Consider your goals. You also might think about your goals, whether they have to do with sticking with your pace group on race day, or doing more hills. Let your mind wander. Distract yourself.

10 Ultramarathon Training Tips Every Distance Runner Needs to Know | Fitness Magazine

Honerkamp recommends listening to a book on tape or podcast to keep your mind occupied. Get a power playlist. According to the formula, if you are 35 years old, you should aim to keep your heart rate around beats per minute. There are also ways to modify the number to account for other health and fitness factors an individual person may face.

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For example, if you have or are recovering from a major illness or are on any regular medication, you subtract an additional You can find more details on the formula here. After a few months, you will be able to gradually increase your speed and see that you can hold a faster pace at the same heart rate.

Speed workouts and faster, shorter intervals play an important role in improving running economy how much oxygen you use for energy while running and form, Laboy says. He often recommends runners do a few miles of their long runs at marathon goal pace, or even a shorter long run—like 10 to 13 miles—entirely at marathon goal pace.

The Science of Marathon Running

Pretty much any training plan will call for some form of intervals or race-pace training. Check out the plans offered by Runner's World or expert marathon coach Hal Higdon if you're new to half-marathon or marathon training.

Training Tips

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10 Ultramarathon Training Tips Every Distance Runner Needs to Know

Fitness August 29, By Emilia Benton. If your goal is to run a faster race, here's what the pros suggest. But actually finishing all those workouts on their assigned days is a little trickier than it seems. The most important factor in sticking to your training plan is getting the right plan in the first place.

Rosetti says it should take into account your current fitness level be honest! The monotony of the day-to-day workouts can be hard to get through unless you have a reason to do so. Your goal just needs to be concrete and far enough out, but not too far—about three to four months—that you can work toward it over time. Set smaller goals along the way, like running a certain amount of mileage or nailing your weekly track workouts.