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Learn languages much faster than with regular learning methods – in only about 17 minutes per day

Offered in French, Italian and Spanish the weekly News in Slow episodes can prove useful for learners of all levels. Talk in French offers loads of cultural information about France and the French language, including topics such as verlan a form of French slang and how the French celebrate birthdays and Christmas. The topics are interesting and diverse making it a great supplement to your French studies. If Italian is your language, then Cher Hale is your girl.

Hamilton [in 7 minutes] - RANGE

The podcasts vary from discussing culture, vocab and grammar tips, to interviews in Italian. Full of encouraging advice and little nuggets of language gold for Italian learners, this one is well worth subscribing to. The Yes Japan podcast series provides bitesize bits of grammar, vocabulary and culture — all in video format. George Trombley, author of the Japanese From Zero!

The videos are also available on the website.

The advanced series is exactly what I spent too long looking for — natural and relaxed Spanish conversation to listen to anywhere. Rob and Liz produce podcasts for all levels of Spanish knowledge and even offer transcripts on the website with a free registration.

Seven Minutes in Heaven (Hetalia edition)

Another one that takes things slowly, Slow Chinese is great for beginner to intermediate learners of Chinese. Being a tonal language, listening slowly in the early stages can help to get to grips with the difference tones can make, which, of course, is great for listening skills and pronunciation. I really hope nobody's thinks i'm stealing this but's it's kinda a AU so tuff I do request don't be afraid You heard Austria being pestered by Prussia near the couch and Italy was annoying Germany, per usual.

Seven minutes in heaven

You rolled your eyes and pulled out your phone blocking out the rest of his spiel sending a text to your friend about leaving the freak show when a France shoots a hand out in front of you,. You stared at them blankly; you recollected images or your teenage years being shoved in small closets with foul horny teenage boys. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

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Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: 50 Hits: Seven Minutes in Heaven Hetalia edition Holmesexual Summary: Seven Minutes In Heaven with everyone's favorite countries, It's a choose your own ending sort of deal and I will feature a mild chapter for the character as well as an explicit chapter for that same character for those who want a little something more; I really hope nobody's thinks i'm stealing this but's it's kinda a AU so tuff I do request don't be afraid Notes: See the end of the work for notes.

Chapter 1 : Intro. You felt so many different textures it was hard to get a hold of anything But your hand finally reached something and you grasped it tightly.

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