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A large part of Limbo takes place there. The Bacterian Fortress in the Gradius series, and the "green slime plant" in V. However, the Portals are more true to the aesthetics of the trope, as each one contains a healthy dose of grim, industrial architecture complete with pumping pistons, steam valves, chains dangling ominously from the ceiling, pits of magma and all the other goodies.

The Campaigner's Fortress from the first game, which is partially accessed towards the end of the seventh level and makes up almost all of the final level, also counts.

II. Hell Is a Cold Place

The Sun Temple in Aquaria is a clockwork Eternal Engine; you can even pilfer the key and use it to decorate your cave which inexplicably has chambers constructed in the style of every locale you visit, including the Sun Temple. In spite of having supposedly been abandoned for quite some time, it's still running and shows no signs of decay; possibly the clockwork sea life lurking around are automated maintenance staff, keeping one another wound as well as making sure the temple stays in working order, after their masters are long dead.

Of course, it's only as imposing as the Real Life one is. Xizor's Palace in Shadows of the Empire , complete with giant gears that Dash must navigate. The Mechanical age in Myst is a Clock Punk version of this. In the "Metal" segment of Obsidian 's Spider Realm, a factory involves freshly created robots mining a piece of ore, throwing it onto the conveyor belt to make more robots, and then jumping off a cliff, presumably to their deaths.

For good measure, when you first enter this level, the process stops, and your goal is to start it again. At least this example has an excuse of being based in a dream world. It's a massive, floating structure of Clock Punk machinery that mostly seems to be devoted to making Body Horror and tea.

Legend Of Kalevala has an underground factory area underneath the first area. It's full of Floating Platforms , and it's the first place where you'll find Lava Pits. This area is one of the tip-offs to the protagonist that the former inhabitants of Kalevala were a very intelligent civilization.

The Baten Kaitos games have the city of Mintaka, which is built out of pipes that are constantly emitting steam of some sort. Origins refers to it as 'machina' and discusses the ethics it presents. Origins also has Tarazed, which is a man-made airship the size of a continent.

Stages 4 and 5 in Journey to Silius , which include crushing pistons, falling crates, moving Spikes of Doom , pits of molten metal, and conveyor belts. And the latter is an auto scroller for some reason. Resonance of Fate has Basel, which is not only an Eternal Engine of gears!

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

Not so eternally however, it's at its last legs by the game's start. Archive 4, "Passion", in Child of Eden. The planet is covered almost entirely in machinery, with huge cranes, fuel tanks, and heat sinks dotting the surface. The atmosphere is tainted green, and the only exposed land is brown, lifeless rock.

World 6-F1 RGB Factory in Super Mario Fusion Revival : This fortress level takes place in a high-tech factory with three distinct areas: a red area lava and fire , a green area overrun with plant life , and a blue area a swimming area. This is a key hunt level with a central hub that leads to a boss fight with Dobkeratops of R-Type fame.

One area in cat planet is an industrial sector which intends to only kill its visitors as far as anyone is concerned. From Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus , a couple of levels in Sir Raleigh's fortress take place in the engine rooms, complete with enormous cogs and gears, fiery furnaces, and electrically charged fan-blades.

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Stage 6 Laboratory in Moon Crystal. The factory level in Vessel.

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Tiny Toon Adventures games: Buster's Hidden Treasure has a factory as its final world, complete with various robot enemies, spikes, electric reactors, a lava-filled floor in the third act, and various spinning gears, wrecking balls, and platforms Buster must maneuver across to get past them. Enemies include robots resembling Roderick Rat, and midway through the stage is a Nintendo Hard hovercar driving sequence.

The boss of the stage is a robot that resembles Montana Max. The third act takes place in the basement, and the final boss is a giant tank shaped like Monty's head.

Various hazards include spinning blades, furnaces, hammers, laser cannons, tunnels that shock you which you have to find the right switch to temporarily turn them off with, and decoy switches that shock you when you pull them. Team Meat's Meat Boy features the Salt Factory, which features buzz saw launcher, salt and even rocket launcher.

Given the constructed nature and the ever-shifting mechanized innards of Cradle, the whole planet is arguably an Eternal Engine. Batman: Arkham City has the Steel Mill. A very realistic example, too.


The only Lethal Lava Land type area is the furnace you go through when you start off. Everything else, well, the mill is just the base where Joker is hiding out and isn't running, making this a Subverted Trope. Batman has to make things run himself to get through it, hitting switches and getting more like making a gadget that lets him fire Remote Electric Charges to power devices. The conveyor belts are completely still, even, except for one secret area where you complete a batarang mini-game for a trophy.

Chrono Trigger has you go through one on your first trip through The Future. Although it's a factory, you're required to go through it to power a machine in a different location. You can ride conveyer belts, operate cranes and fight rogue construction bots. There's also one much later in the game, although it isn't an actual factory.

Halfway through the level, you find out exactly what the factory is running for: Humans systematically being murdered so that only robots are left to rule the world. In A Boy and His Blob , the first 4 levels of the fourth world are this. The level also contains a freezer section and a furnace section. The entire freaking Mechonis in Xenoblade. In Vice Project Doom , the eighth level is an industrial complex with conveyor belts and surging electricity everywhere.

In Portal 2 , you get to explore some of the various automated facilities and pneumatic tube systems that supply Aperture Laboratories. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs has the titular Machine.

I. Mortal Danger

This time, we do find out what it makes vitae , Manpigs, and industrialized human sacrifices and the power that comes from them , and the PC and the Machine's controller actually the machine itself argue throughout the entire game. La-Mulana features the Tower of Ruin, especially in the remake. In the original, the mechanical basis of the level isn't quite as pronounced because there's no moving machinery. Naturally, there's magma everywhere, but that's justified because it's located right behind the game's local magma world. Castle Red features the Machine Tower, a massive complex of concrete and steel, with electrified floors.

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Margaery claims that its parts were pulled out of time and combined together to form the tower. The An Ares's strongest attack in Third Super Robot Wars Z : Tengoku-hen involves summoning a gigantic machine with plenty of gears and whipping his hapless foe into it. They suffer countless offscreen agonies and spit out, causing plenty of damage. The semi-final dungeon in Cthulhu Saves the World is the Marsh Foundry in Innsmouth, where Cthulhu will have to deal with several conveyor belts before the showdown with his rival Dagon.

Tinker Knight from Shovel Knight resides in a clockwork tower which, as one might expect, is full of conveyor belts, gears, wind-up mice and various other enemies and obstacles themed on machinery. The first half is dedicated to getting into the waterworks.

Origins of Self Appendix; Notes & References

Geary himself. The final boss of the game is Dr. Butler, who has captured Dino and Hoppy. In Battleborn lore, the lower settlements, near the Jennerit throneworld Tempest's surface, are full of industrial facilities, refineries, massive wind turbines, mines and work camps of the Thrall. Giant tether-elevators connect the lower settlements to the floating cities known as Echelon above, and these giant tendrils reach to the sky across the planet.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has a Magitek version of this buried underneath the kingdom's capitol.