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The History of Don Quixote, Volume 1, Part 04

Cushing's volume includes chapters , with the Dedication to Madame de Lyvnes, and the "Privilege du Roy" for six years dated The History of Don-Quichote. The first parte. It is a partial copy of the title page in Paris: Jacques du Clou and Denis Moreau, , the first well-defined known textual illustration of Don Quixote in an edition. Small loss to lower right corner.

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In Cushing's copy, the second part has a separate title page with the publisher's emblem. Les Nouvelles de Michel Cervantes. Contemporary full calf binding; title page to part 1 wanting; title page of part 2 at front; very rare. It has modern binding in vellum. Complete edition in three parts.

First edition of the Quixote published with a set of chapter illustrations. Modern reprint: Hamburg, Digital images 4 from copy at the Library of Congress; frontispiece illustration from Hamburg Staatsbibliothek's copy, courtesy of J. They were published and sold by Jacques Lagniet.

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Set reproduced from Manuel de Foronda's copy. Album with text descriptions in French. Lagniet and Jerome David.

Toledo, Limited edition; Cushing's copy Second part with separate title page. Title page first part in facsimile, plus additional title page from separate issue, London: R. Scot, T. Basset, J. Wright, R. Chiswell, , in manuscript facsimile.

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While I think it is generous when someone volunteers to read for Librivox, I also think there should be some quality standards. Bescherer reads VERY quickly. You could say she is a "speed reader". Her reading is exceedingly difficult to understand, even for someone whose first language is English. She often mumbles words or stumbles over them. In some places, the recording has been edited and a correction by a different reader has been inserted.

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So obviously someone reviewed this work and knew there was a problem. Why no one asked Ms. Bescherer to re-record her chapters I do not understand.

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Bescherer's reading reminds me of myself when I was learning how to type. My teacher repeatedly admonished me to slow down. I could type very, very quickly, but I made a ton of mistakes.

As earlier i found reading, Don Quixote to be a formidable task. But thanx to LibriVox and the hard working volunteers that listening to it is so easy and enjoyable too.

Don Quixote, Vol 1 (Chapter 17) [AudioBook]

Thank you. Reviewer: prat - favorite - July 21, Subject: One reader ruined it for me I don't mean to be rude - and I tried hard to keep going on - but it was impossible for me to continue listening. All I can say is that all chapters read by Kelly Bescherer need to be re-read. I somehow managed to get past chapter 5, relieved that the reader was finally out of the project - but sadly she shows up again in chapter The problem is if this was a solo project, I could have just not bothered listening - but this ruins the work of so many good readers who contributed.