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Three ski areas with different characteristics are in the vicinity of the city. The closest winter sports area is the ski resort Monte Cavallo. Perfectly groomed slopes, which on the south side of the Alps are sunny, await you during the winter holidays Vipiteno. At the local ski school children and beginners can safely learn how to ski.

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Philipp Plank lives on the farm Ralserhof — he is a qualified skiing instructor and ready to assist you with words and deeds. Cross-country skiers in Ridanna will find a true cross-country skiing paradise. More than 50 kilometres of trails are constantly groomed during the winter months. At the Biathlon Centre in Maiern on the lighted trail even night skiing is possible. Unforgettable impressions of the snowy winter world — discover them on the altitude trail in Pfitsch and on the Silbertal trail in Pflersch.

A spectacular holiday experience is a snowshoe hike on Monte Cavallo and a guided ski tour. During the festive season, the Christmas Market in Vipiteno welcomes you with a magical ambience. In the narrow streets of the medieval old town, you will enjoy the scent of roasted almonds, spicy mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Directly from the holiday apartment on the slopes — just a short walk from the farm Ralserhof there is one of the longest toboggan runs in South Tyrol, awarded by ADAC as the best toboggan run in Italy.

The varied slope on a length of 9. All it needs to have is the slowest shutter speed of a few seconds at least. A slowest shutter speed of 30 seconds is quite standard and this is plenty of time to create light trails. You can even use modern camera phones. There are many apps available that will help you to capture light trails.

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On iOS devices you can try Slow Shutter Cam , which allows you to use shutter speeds of up to 60 seconds and even bulb. It is often said that full frame cameras are better for low light photography. This is particularly true when you cannot use very slow shutter speeds and have to increase the ISO.

In light trail photography, we are not in a hurry when it comes to collecting the light. Instead, we want to expose for several seconds at least. And you can use the aperture that ensures the best image quality for your lens. In these conditions, small sensor cameras can give quite clean files. Particularly if you can shot in RAW. Any lens will work for light trails. Use these from a high vantage point or to get tall monuments in the frame. Telephoto lenses work best when you look down a road. The trails get lost into the distance, thanks to their perspective compression effects.

The comparisons below show the same scene taken at 38mm and mm.


The perspective compression on the road is quite evident. And we can make out the individual trails all the way to the end of the road. But the wide angle lens lets you see more of the surroundings. The trails get thinner and, to me, more elegant. The choice of focal length often depends on location and on your personal taste.

But a superzoom lens, like the Sigma m f3. In this respect, super-zoom cameras are also great. A tripod is essential. Be aware that in some locations the use of tripods is against the law. In this case, if someone asks you to pack your tripod away, it is best to apologise and move on.

Find another location for your light trail photography. It is stable and can go very high. This allows me to take photos from above fences and railings. Or it can go very low, allowing me to photograph from ground level. Particularly if you are using a camera phone or a small mirrorless. It will allow you to fix your camera to rails, fences, poles etc. To avoid camera shake, use a remote shutter or Wi-Fi app to fire the shutter. You can either use a cable release, or a wireless one.

Filters have little use in light trail photography. Even with a graduated filter at dusk, you will not be able to take long enough exposures. Night time is what you need. To record the trail I clipped the sky first photo. So I took a second image with the stops ND filter on. This was to keep and saturate the colours in the sky and buildings second photo. Then I combined the two in the final image with good sky and some trails third photo.

Minnesota Winter Vacations at Kavanaugh’s – We are a four season resort.

You may have noticed that the trails are very faint and no trails are visible in the image with the ND filter on. After sunset, the ambient light is much dimmer. You can use a light ND filter to reach longer exposures and have longer trails. Some high-end bridge and compact camera may have a build in electronic ND filter. Check in your manual if you have such function. HDR photography can also help at dusk if you have no filters with you. Stack together different long exposures, same as you would do to create a star light trail.

Snap many photos of the scene, load them into Photoshop as layers and blend them in Lighten mode. This way you blend only the brightest pixels and will have more trails than in the single images. If you are using a camera phone with the Slow Shutter Cam app, you can stack images in real time within the app. You do this by recording several long exposures before clearing the captured image.

If you have an Olympus mirrorless camera , there is a function called Live Composite.

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  5. It allows you to follow the formation of the image live. You can stop the recording process when happy with the result. The electronics will take care to avoid clipping the highlights. Light trails photography does not require tons of expensive photography gear. If you love urban photography, you will have great fun.

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