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House of Representatives are pushing hard to impeach President Donald Trump. Acrimony in Washington continues to get worse, and it seems whatever the outcome will provoke even greater anger by opponents. Mass protests against the government are filling the streets of Lebanon, including outspoken criticism of Hezbollah. It could portend a prophesied break between Lebanon and Iran.

In Germany, a campaign is being quietly waged to annex part of the British Isles.

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In Europe, some powerful nations are becoming more and more enthusiastic about strongman-style leadership. In America, some say the deepening political turmoil could lead to a second Civil War. Bible prophecy has the answer. Our world teems with bacteria—both good and bad. Germs are needed for life, but we also have to take steps to protect ourselves from bacteria that can make us sick, even kill us. European leaders announced they believe Iran was responsible for the attack on Saudi oil infrastructure, and they want to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, in line with President Trump.

Meanwhile China announced multibillion-dollar investment into Iranian oil that could complicate efforts to isolate Iran economically. Science and education almost universally teach that there is no Creator.

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Man and the material world and universe simply came about by blind, arbitrary natural forces. Without God, man is free to devise his own governments, his own social structures, his own ideas of right and wrong—his own morality. He is also free to follow the whims of his own imagination—to dream up his own utopia—and to do whatever he deems necessary to fellow man, however horrifying, to implement that dream.

We look at philosophy and history, as well as the Bible and current events, to evaluate the outcomes and dangers of evolutionary thinking. We look at parallels with what is happening in Britain and America. Spain is also about to have its second election this year, and it is a picture of political fracturing, the decline in traditionalist parties, and the rise of the fringe and the extremes.

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Attacks on U. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh resumed this week with the publication of more unproved accusations of sexual misconduct, part of an effort to delegitimize the Supreme Court and the law. Israel held an election yesterday, and to this point, the results are inconclusive. The nation could face a messy future as it tries to work out exactly what its next government will look like in the face of serious threats within the region.

A lot of evidence points to Iran being behind the attack, which points to statements our editor in chief has made for years about Iran using oil as part of a push that provokes world war.

The longtime dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, died earlier this month. We learn some lessons from his rule from a native of Zimbabwe who grew up under Mugabe. And I conclude by giving you a potent key to personal growth. Links [] Who Will Rule Israel? China continues to score victories in its quest to dominate Asia—this week the Philippines agreed to joint oil and gas exploration in Philippine waters, and the Solomon Islands hinted at denying Taiwanese independence.

Also, Argentina signed an agriculture deal with China that will hurt American farmers. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if he wins reelection next Tuesday, he will immediately annex a large chunk of the West Bank. Farmers Killing Themselves? September 11, , witnessed the deadliest act of terrorism in world history.

Nearly 3, people were killed and 6, injured as Islamic terrorists hijacked four airplanes and crashed them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. It is important to remember this history. It was a defining event for America and the world—one that marked the beginning of a dangerous new prophetic era. The immediate response to the tragedy united America, and even the world, even if only for a moment. This gives us a picture of how good can emerge from such trial and tragedy—and how God can actually use it to His advantage. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a bad week as he faced fierce opposition in the House of Commons and even defections within his own party over his effort to follow through with withdrawing Britain from the European Union.

Several intelligence sources revealed that Iran has established a new military base in Syria on the border with Iraq, a provocative display of its determination to remain in Syria. In a 7-hour townhall meeting hosted by CNN about climate change, Democratic presidential candidates espoused increasingly radical positions, including taxing meat, suing oil companies, and funding abortions in Third World nations to reduce global population.

Much more than documents.

It has been nearly two years since North Korea tested a nuclear weapon or a long-range missile. But lately, North Korea has been testing short-range missiles—a development that actually could help reshape global politics. Is America heading for recession? We look at some fundamental realities that show who is right. In Hong Kong, as demonstrators enter their 13th consecutive week of protests, China is sending some ominous signals about how it may respond. And in America, like the country as a whole, the people are up to their necks in debilitating debt.

Several recent incidents in the Middle East show an increasing use of drones as a weapon of war.

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This is a low-cost, low-risk military investment—but capable of potentially devastating results—one that is proving especially attractive to the Islamic Republic of Iran. For the past 10 years, Germany has been conducting a secret space program, one of several military endeavors that it has kept quiet about.

Germany has a long history of military surprises, and we need to consider its space program in that context. Will establishment politicians be able to cobble together a coalition to keep the popular Catholic strongman out of office? Trade war is escalating between the United States and China. Biblical prophecy shows how this could affect the global economy. We bring you along on the first day of it and give you a behind-the-scenes listen.

A weapons depot in Baghdad, Iraq, was targeted in a massive explosion. It appears Israel has grown increasingly bold in taking out threats in the region. Politically unstable Italy might get its first stable government in years. Populist Matteo Salvini may have enough support to rule without a coalition, another right-wing European strongman.

China, Is Veganism Healthy? Many people decry gender inequality today. They say men are better off than women; women receive less pay for the same work; we live in a patriarchy that privileges men. Some scientists tried to quantify the sex inequality—and measured it in nations. Tensions in Hong Kong between protesters and Chinese authorities continue to worsen.

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Veganism has become more and more mainstream—a diet that not only excludes meat, but also all animal products. As the United States withdraws from a Soviet-era nuclear missile accord with Russia, a number of factors are creating a new global nuclear arms race and increasing the odds of nuclear war.

Most people agree there are a lot of crises and threats in the world today. But when it comes to identifying exactly what those threats are, there are huge discrepancies. We talk about the difference between real threats and fake threats—and help you to discern which is which. Debt in America continues to rise.