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Ringing any re-run bells? Well, if you're not on the beam, here's the sitch: Patty Lane is a "normal American teenager" from Brooklyn Heights, New York and Cathy Lane is her poised, proper Scottish cousin sent to finish school in the United States. They're cousins, but they're twins! The Patty Duke Show: Season One gathers all 26 episodes of the first season in this six disc set for the first time.

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Naturally, the confusion about the girls' identities and hijinks surrounding switcheroos would seem to be the obvious content of most episodes, but surprisingly, it's not. Sure, that does happen, but the real core of the first season's stories is the relationships and interactions between these girls and the family as a whole. Patty's father, Martin William Schallert , is a newspaper editor with a soft heart and a never-ending wealth of sage advice for the girls.

Her mother, Natalie Jean Byron , plays the picture perfect put-upon housewife. In something of a departure for sitcom moms of the time, Byron's Natalie sometimes seems quite harsh with her children, particularly with Patty's "typical teen" behavior. Paul O'Keefe plays annoying kid brother, Ross, and the regular cast is rounded out by Eddie Applegate as Patty's clueless boyfriend, Richard.

Of course, a lesson is always learned by the end of each day, but unlike a lot of sitcoms, it's not always the parents teaching the errant children.

Behind The Scenes Of The Patty Duke Show

In fact, it's usually Patty and Cathy teaching each other. Most of the episodes revolve around Patty doing something nutty like falling for her French teacher, plagiarizing a love poem and winning a song-writing contest or turning the school newspaper into a gossipy tabloid.

Patty Duke Show, The (Intro) S1 (1963)

Cathy is usually roped into either going along with her cousin, helping her out of these jams or some combination of the two. Sometimes conservative Cathy takes center stage in a story, but not often. There are a few episodes that focus on other family members "Are Mothers People" has an under-appreciated Natalie devising a ploy for attention worthy of her daughter's antics, while "The Birds and the Bees Bit" features Ross nervous about his first school dance.

Interestingly and this is mentioned in the bonus interviews Patty Duke had much more in common with the character of Cathy—who knows little of the interests and obsessions of an American teenager, because of the isolating nature of her career, than she had with her TV namesake. The Season One bonus features trumpeted on the slipcase are really just one feature.

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It's barely more than minutes of interview clips—some of which are new meaning recently recorded —mostly with Duke, though some touchingly lovely comments from Schallert are interspersed with Duke's as he marvels at her consummate professionalism and as the two talk about how their real life relationship was, and is, as much father and daughter as what was portrayed in the show. Applegate and O'Keefe are also interviewed, and it's tough to tell when those took place, although it is interesting to note that Applegate was 26 when he began playing boyfriend to year-old Patty tidbits like that are one reason to watch DVD extras… I'd never have known!

Jean Byron passed away in , and though she is spoken of fondly here, there are no old interview clips with her included on this set.

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The set does, however, include the episode called "Cousins" which uses footage from the original pilot in flashback scenes. Schallert was not initially cast in the part of Martin Lane, so many of the other scenes for that episode were reshot later to incorporate him.

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The Patty Duke Show: Season One isn't a set loaded with flashy special features, and naturally, given its early '60s origin and a setup even Patty Lane would call cuckoo, the episodes are sometimes monotonously predictable. However, it's all in good fun, and isn't that what entertainment should be about? She preferred the quieter Cathy, "because I thought she was dignified and gentle and rational.

When it was time to be Patty, I would have to deal with my embarrassment of her stupidity. Duke was already a successful actor by the time the sitcom debuted, winning an Oscar for 's "The Miracle Worker" just months before the show premiered.

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  7. But she describes herself as sheltered. When it came time to do some of the school dances [on the show], they had to bring in real teenagers to teach me how," she says.

    She says, however, the show was a relief during what were troubled times for her. She wrote about her tormented childhood in her autobiography, "Call Me Anna," discussing her struggles with mental abuse at the hands of her managers, which she says led to alcohol and drug addiction. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder , and she now helps others who have the disease. I did occasionally, very occasionally, hear voices, but mostly my instincts were messed up: If it was dangerous, then I should do it. She speaks fondly of her co-stars, especially William Schallert, who played her father, Martin Lane.

    One of the tricks was having the twins talking face to face so that the screen shot would contain one shot of the front of the twin and one of the back.

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    A body double Rita McLaughlin was used for the back shots. Jean Byron died in of complications following hip replacement surgery, she was 80 William Schallert passed in peacefully in his sleep, he was Copyright Michael Rich. All rights reserved.