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Boarding will begin in Fort Lauderdale at approximately a. You must be on board no later than p. We sail at p. Fort Lauderdale is a major cruise port and there are many options for same-day travel from the airport to the cruise terminal.

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The two are quite close to each other. Please be sure to allow ample time for travel complications, understanding that you should arrive to the cruise terminal no later than p. For those that choose to fly into Miami International Airport, driving time between the Miami airport and the port is approximately 40 minutes.

Leave ample time to transfer as you would in any major city. Upon our return to Fort Lauderdale, disembarkation may begin as early as a. Passengers should easily be able to depart from Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, if you wish. We suggest a departure time no earlier than p. What if my luggage gets lost by the airline? In the event your bags are delayed, Holland America will make every effort to work with local operators to help your bags catch up with the ship.

Guests will need to submit a claim at the airport before joining the vessel, once onboard the Veendam, guests must submit their claim along with any other details to the Guest Service desk.

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Please note that some major discount air carriers require that lost or delayed luggage be signed for personally by the owner at the airport. Please check their policies carefully before booking your air travel. Where can I stay in Fort Lauderdale? EMI has blocked out rooms in a nearby hotel, before and after the cruise. Fort Lauderdale hotel rooms are not included in your cruise fare.

EMI will not book a hotel room for you unless you ask them to do so. What are the arrangements for travel from airport to ship?

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These transfers will include luggage handling. EMI will not book any of these options for you unless you request them. Costs for these transfers are in addition to your cruise fare. Here are the basic options:. How about getting to Fort Lauderdale on my own? This may be a good option for many of our passengers. There are parking facilities available at or near the terminal, including a garage adjacent to the terminal. How do I get my luggage onto the ship?

They do it for you! Once at the port terminal, you will leave your bags at the designated drop bag area for transfer to the ship—much the way you would check bags for a plane flight. There is no cost for this service. Your bags will be delivered directly to your cabin. A similar procedure will happen in reverse when we return to Fort Lauderdale.

When you first get on and last get off the boat, there will be a lengthy period of time when you will not have access to your baggage or to your cabin. Please be prepared with a small carry-on bag to hold the items you need, including all of your travel documents, medications, and any valuables you may have with you.

Whenever your bags are being transferred for you, please be sure to respect deadlines for having your bag ready, properly tag your bags, and reclaim them promptly. In particular, remember that just as at an airport, you will always need to claim your luggage in the cruise terminal. It will not automatically be transferred to your hotel. Is there security screening? Before embarking the ship, your luggage will be screened before being loaded onto the vessel.

If electrical devices or illegal substances are detected, you will be called to security to verify your items. Will I need a passport? All passengers 16 years of age and over need passports.

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There are exceptions for infants and minors under the age of Passports must be good for six months beyond the duration of the cruise. These regulations are strictly enforced. May visitors come onboard? Holland America does allow for guests to have onboard visitors.

If guests are interested in having a guest on board, they can visit the front office to find out the terms and conditions. What about after the cruise, in Fort Lauderdale? We arrive early in Fort Lauderdale, allowing a great opportunity to explore all the area offers. EMI will offer you the option of booking a transfer directly to the airport if you are flying immediately following the cruise.

You will require a minimum of two 2 hours to transfer off and get from the ship to the airport, plus time to navigate the airport itself. We suggest booking flights out of Fort Lauderdale that leave after p. Yes, all passengers must carry a passport that expires a minimum of six 6 months following the cruise. For this domestic origination cruise, infants and minors under the age of 16 may prove citizenship with a government-issued birth certificate, and copies are acceptable. Do I need shots?

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We are not aware of any special vaccinations or immunizations required for the areas to which we are traveling but please refer to Immunization Recommendations for additional information. Please refer to Travel Advisories for current details regarding all advisories. What languages will be spoken at our ports of call? English is the official language in Ocho Rios and George Town. In Mexico, the official language is Spanish, though many citizens speak English. ATM machines will be available to draw funds, but with arrival in Jamaica on a Sunday, banks will be closed.

Credit cards are widely accepted.

Your best bet is to use Mexican Pesos instead of other currencies to pay for your shopping, dining out, and other purchases as local business exchange rates are usually not good. What will we do on board? Boredom is not an issue. Never has been, never will be.

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We will schedule a full slate of musical performances. There will be sing-alongs and storytelling and gatherings with Garrison.