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I very much feel like eating pakodas today. She got up and opened the tin of besan.

So I shall make pakodas from this little bit of besan. The old woman lighted the fire and made pakodas. She made five.

Three short stories about death

She gave her husband three pakodas and herself took two. But the old man would not take the palcodas. How can I eat three when you are getting only two? You take three now. Tomorrow I shall get more besan from the shop and make pakodas. I can then take one more than you. They kept arguing like this all evening.

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  • Night fell, but they had still not eaten the pakodas. At last they agreed on a plan.

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    Tomorrow morning, the one who gets up first will have to eat three pakodas. So they both went to sleep. Morning came. But still they kept lying in bed, eyes closed.

    Three Short, Short Stories

    Each wanted the other to get up first, for each wanted the other one to have three pakodas. It grew quite late and the sun rose high in the sky. But still they would not get up. The neighbours saw that their door was still closed. They got worried. Let us go and find out if they are all right.

    Three Short, Short Stories

    The neighbours went and knocked at the door. They called out to the old couple, but there was no reply from inside.

    Best Story Collection For Kids - 3 Short Stories For Children with Morals

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    Global Agenda Book Club United Kingdom Social Innovation These vending machines are giving out free short stories to London commuters The stories are printed on eco-friendly papyrus paper. Predictions for What if we get things right? Read the series.

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    Sheridan Anderson's story, in spite of Faulkner's patronage, appears to be long out of print. Ewald's story, which can be read here. Saki's 'The Open Window' is my favourite story by one of my favourite writers, so I confess a certain lack of impartiality. Having said that, this unsettling, witty little tale of a young girl's thirst for romance of a certain kind is a masterpiece of the form.