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The intense nature of this operation often requires no less than the capabilities of a drilling rig. The workover begins by killing the well then removing the wellhead and possibly the flow line, then installing a B.

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Although less exposed to wellbore fluids, casing strings too have been known to lose integrity. On occasion, it may be deemed economical to pull and replace it. Because casing strings are cemented in place, this is significantly more difficult and expensive than replacing the completion string. If in some instances the casing cannot be removed from the well, it may be necessary to sidetrack the offending area and recomplete, also an expensive process.

For all but the most productive well, replacing casing would never be economical. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Minimising and managing workplace stress 4. Positive communication at work 5. Workplace bullying prevention.

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Contact: workplace mentalhealth. Staying well Get help. These Working Well resources help workplaces prioritise mental health to ensure employees have improved wellbeing, greater morale and higher job satisfaction. Quick links to resources 1. Creating positive environments. Enhancing mental wellbeing. Minimising and Managing Workplace Stress.

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Positive Communication at Work. Workplace Bullying Prevention.

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PowerPoint Slides. Fact sheet: Mental health and wellbeing definitions. Fact sheet: Understanding mental health and wellbeing. Fact sheet: The business case for wellbeing. Fact sheet: How work impacts mental health. Fact sheet: Positive work environments.

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Handout: Resources list. Handout: Evaluating success. Worksheet: Positive work environments matrix. Worksheet: Policy and processes matrix. Worksheet: Team discussions. Conversation cards.

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