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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Unicorns are just like us. They have problems, stresses, and like to blow off some steam. Author and illustrator C. Moss explores the psyche of the single-horned in his book, Why Unicorn Drinks. Bram Stoker.

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Marsha Meskimmon. Patti Hansen: A Portrait. With this one, my study's sample size was a lot smaller, mostly held to my circle of close friends.

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In the few experiences I've had, it seems divisive. I think some people are disappointed that this book is a bit more serious, but it was the book I needed to write at the time. I felt like I didn't have a choice. How are things going today? Has that relationship only gotten stronger, as so many of us hoped, or are things a little strained again? I think we're becoming a bit more honest about what our relationship has become: a relationship that benefits from sharing.

Again, when last we spoke you mentioned that there was some talk about a possible TV show. Is that still in the works, or did you decide to hold out for the feature film treatment, instead? I'd love to do something if the right opportunity presented itself. There have been some conversations with some really great people, but it didn't work out.

I've been working with a few close friends on developing it and I love where things are going. I can't say much except that we are trying to do something unique and special. I don't think he knows anything about it. I just recently found out myself and I still don't know much. If it makes people happy and connects people who feel alone—I like it.

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  4. You also mentioned that you were working on a couple other projects, including a couple of prose books. In the years I've seen Unicorn grow, I've realized that it takes full and thorough attention and that growth is slow but never stops. So, I've been spending time collecting moments I love from authors I admire, and then trying to write beautiful sentences myself. Even with Why Unicorn Drinks , my work with words has started to show itself. There were some images in the book where the caption had 30 or more options, some parts with small variations and others revised as completely different ideas.

    This is almost the opposite of Jerk , where most of the ideas were said as purely as possible and rarely changed or made poetic. That's a dangerous question.

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    Ideally, metaphorically — holding more hands and hugging more people. How about yourself? Where would you like to be at that point, and what would you like to be doing, if all goes well? I want to help improve more people's lives. I've really been concentrating on three big projects. The first is Unicorn. The second thing is a performance and installation-based gallery that I co-curate called Mastodon Mesa. We're trying to do weird and special things, and I love it. It gives me a chance to work with people whose work I love and have a tremendous amount of respect for.

    I'd love to still be curating that in five years.